About Us

The words spoken many years ago by SRI Consulting Inc. founder Phil Sharpe, in what he viewed as the endless possibilities available in information technology consulting.

Mr. Sharpe founded SRI Consulting Inc. in 1989, seizing upon the opportunities that arose with the emerging technology boom.  In 1995, co-owner Diane Veltri joined the company to help propel the company into the era of ERP and client server.  Together they spearheaded growth through SRI’s efforts in “Federalizing” Oracle PeopleSoft’s product line in 1995.  From that moment, SRI Consulting Inc.’s customer base expanded from purely commercial clients to the three branches of the United States government.

Phil’s vision was to build a company run by a technologist.  He wanted a company where the person at the top understands the challenges and pressures of implementing technological solutions.  A person who can build an organization that enhances each person’s ability to grow and succeed and an organization that identifies and rewards contributors to the company’s success.

Today the challenge remains to provide experience, knowledge and skill in creating solutions for all of our clients.  Our new hires are propelling SRI Consulting, Inc. into Cloud technologies.  Diane and Phil’s commitment to its clients and people is to adhere to the ethical principles of truthfulness, sincerity and fairness.  These principles have been the keys to SRI’s success and our path to the future.  SRI Consulting Inc. is a woman-owned, small business enterprise with a broad background in the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management technology.  SRI has two offices located within the Washington Metropolitan area.